Thank you for letting me be me.
Thank you for giving me a kiss when you notice people staring at me.
Thank you for not minding that I have frizzy bright purple hair.
Thank you for not saying anything about me chewing on my shirt collars.
Thank you for not making fun of me for killing all our house plants.
Thank you for not caring that I’ll eat a bowl of cereal before bed every night.
Thank you for giving me a kiss on the forehead when I fall asleep on the couch.
Thank you for letting me spend hours taking a bubble bath and reading.
Thank you for letting me know that you made it to work safely.
Thank you for watching corny TV shows with me.
Thank you for encouraging my art.
Thank you for saying I look pretty with purple/brown/pink lipstick.
Thank you for not eating my nutter butter cookies.
Thank you for not getting embarrassed when I wave at people when we are driving around, or making weird faces at kids.
Thank you for letting me pick out red couches.
Thank you for getting us a dog, even if he does bite you.

Just thank you for making my life so good.


This upcoming weekend is making me so nervous. I don’t even know why.


*holding phone in hand* where the fuck is my phone

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i don’t care if it’s a only a joke, please don’t make comments about how someone’s choice of field of study isn’t going to take them anywhere because it can be a great source of stress and your joke won’t help.

also, destroy the idea that we should only pursue dreams if they are likely to give you status in this capitalist piece-of-shit society.

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what a great nap, i feel totally disoriented and i’m frothing with hate 

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Isn’t it funny how no matter what has happened between us, our roads have always brought us back to each other

"I promise to love you:

at 6am when you’re waking to go to work, to school, or whatever road life takes you on, and when you didn’t sleep well, your hair is a mess, and your eyes are sleepy.

at 8am when we say goodbye for the day and you’re rushing out the door with a cup of tea and your car keys in the other hand.

at 5pm when you’re exhausted from the day and people have worn you out and you feel like crying, and falling asleep and escaping from everything. I will kiss your forehead, and wrap myself in your arms.

at 10pm when you’re heading to bed, even though you won’t sleep for hours. Especially when we become a human knot wrapped up in sheets and kisses.

at 3am when loneliness and sadness do not destroy you, but consume you and when you weep without an explanation, I’ll kiss your lips softly and tell you you’re the absolute best and that things will be better soon

I will love you when you grow old, and I will love you after that. I will love you if I’m no longer here. I will love you, I will love you, and I will love you."

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"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."

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