Does existence precede essence? I feel for you, Bruce. It’s hard to debate the metaphysical when you’re a grown man who’s tired and dirty and wearing a strange dude’s pants.

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To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter - Video

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I literally JUST watched this on ButtonPoetry and it popped up on my dash what is going ooooooon 

shots fired

two sides of the same coin

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You told me I seemed haunted.
It was 3am and you could still smell the storm clouds under my skin.
You can’t quell depression by making love.
But we tried.
But we tried,
oh, we did.

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Game of Thrones
Brienne of Tarth

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6


I am Louise.


Dance-Off! Who do you think deserves Tina’s heart? - S3xE17


My perception and understanding of Love has changed so much in the past 5 years.

I used to think Love was was texts that made your stomach feel like a million butterflies were in them. Or being able to hold hands in hallways.

Then I thought Love was looking out of my bedroom window and seeing him there. Or him answering every question I ever had. Relying on this person for everything.

Then I thought Love was going weeks without seeing him only to spend one weekend together. I thought Love was summers together, and listening to music in the dark while laying in bed.

But right now, Love for me is working through our problems as a team. No one is the leader, no one is the follower. Love is being on the same page. Love is paying bills and buying groceries together. It’s know that we have to sacrifice things in order to make things work. Love is working opposite work schedules, but still being content with spending a couple hours watching TV together before bed because that’s all we have. Love is sleeping next to him every night, hogging blankets, Love is cooking meals together and occasionally giving a roll of toilet paper if there is none. I’m not embarrassed of my bed head, or walking around in big t-shirts that are stained. It’s arguing over who is doing dishes on what night, and wondering how hard it must be that someone can’t even hang up their towel. Love is being content that we are sitting in the same room together, but not next to each other. Love is working through everything together.

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