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Shout out to all the people who actually sit there and watch my cooking Snapchats.

Today I’ve been making pinto beans, white butter rice, and mojo chicken. then I’m gonna wrap it all together in a burrito.



hammer time. schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks photographed in the galapagos by (click pic) alexander safanovmontgomery gilchrist, eric h cheng, norbert wu, franco banfi, todd aki, chris newbert and larry gatz.  

scalloped hammerhead populations have declined by over 95 percent in the past thirty years, largely due to the shark fin trade. this summer, scalloped hammerheads became the first species of shark to be protected by the u.s. endangered species act, one of the world’s strongest wildlife conservation laws. 

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not to mention drinking hot drinks. steamy glasses will be the death of me

Emptying a steamy dishwasher. Pouring out a hot pan of water. Rain. Sand. Random scratches that just appear in your vision.

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Doodling while watching Chopped.